Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New, Blue and Trendy

Blue Man Group has been an on-going show in Chicago since 1997, but that doesn't mean that the city of Chicago is getting tired of their shows.  With over 700 employees internationally, Blue Man Group continuously comes back stronger than ever with more tricks and laughs for audiences of all ages. Performing at the Briar Street Theater off Hasted and Belmont, is the family-based show that combines elements such as LED screens, projected animation, music made from strange objects and magical routines.

All of these elements are performed by three solo men...Blue Men.  These actors are intended to look the same, without a real identity.  These three hairless men wander around the theatre with hopes to choose their next audience victim.  They are made to embarrass you...and everyone around you.  Don't even think about entering the show late...or should you?  The connection between the blue men and the audience is an incredible and hilarious experience. 

The show itself feeds off audience participation and even throws a 90's party for everyone to participate in.  With strobe lights, giant balls falling from the ceiling and rock star dance moves, this show left audience members smiling from ear to ear.  While the actors themselves don't speak, their actions speak for them.  Chosen audience members are forced to figure out what to do next during different challenges and scenes.  Laughter fills the whole theatre about 90 percent of the show, and one can't help but wonder what is going to happen next.

Many Chicagoans have heard of Blue Man Group and have walked past the theatre to sneak a peak of what's inside.  Blue Man Group has been featured all over the world and has been a discussion on local talk shows.

The July show was flawless, powerful and clean...for the most part.  The show is a unique take on comedy, theatre, dance and acting.  It keeps the audience on their toes, literally, and offers memories to take home and never forget.  The challenges and performances change all the time, so seeing the show doesn't mean you have seen everything the group has to offer.  The show is more of an experience than just a show to watch.  There is always something for every audience member to enjoy.

Blue Man Group is a must-see event in Chicago, and a Groupon is being offered right now for a deal on tickets. For more information on Blue Man Group performances, visit

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