Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 5 Start-of-the-Summer Activities

As many of you are enjoying the last few weeks of school, your family
may be looking for something to do this summer that is suitable for all ages.
Many families hit the road for their yearly summer activities, but for those of you
who are sticking around your hometown, here are the top 5 things to do this
summer in any major city.

1. See a parade.
Many cities offer multiple parades each month to show their appreciation
for a city tradition or holiday such as The 4th of July. A parade is a great
way to bond with your family and explore your city from a different view.
Make sure to bring chairs for those who cannot stand for long periods of time,
and get there early to ensure a great spot for everyone to see the parade.

2. Camp.
You don’t have to go outside of your backyard or house to go camping.
For the little ones who aren’t ready to take on the woods yet, camping
outside in your backyard or inside if it’s raining, can truly be a
great experience for the whole family. Set up a tent, grill out and
make s’mores to get the full effect of a safe camping trip.

3. Fun in the sun.
Take a trip to the local beach or pool to start off your summer.  A
few hours at the beach or pool is great for all ages, and can even be
a relaxing start to the weekend.  Make sure to bring sunscreen, toys
and snacks to keep everyone happy!  If it’s raining, make a beach day
inside where everyone dresses in beach wear, has tropical-style drinks
and draws pictures of what their perfect beach looks like.

4. See a show, movie or concert.
Summer is always a hit for outside concerts, shows and movies. 
Pick something everyone will enjoy, and spend time making a
memory everyone will surely remember.  For a list of your local
events, make sure to check multiple media outlets for the best deals
for the whole family.  Tune into Family Time Magazine's monthly calendar
for updated events in Chicago and surrounding areas.

5. Go to a festival.
Look up festivals going on in your area, and take the kids along for
the ride.  Most festivals throughout the summer offer a donation entry fee or
kids enter for free.  This is a great way to experience something new
in your city and maybe make a weekly spot for your family to go to.

Whatever your family decides to do this summer, make sure to keep us
updated on the fun adventures your family had and what you plan to do
next year!