Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Pinterest Top 10 Family Workouts

School is out, and the kids are ready to relax...or ready to nag about not having anything to do.  Keeping your family active in the summer is going to help everyone stay in shape, become healither and make a new bond between your family.  Check out some of our favorite Pinterest Fitness posts for the whole family and send us a photo of your family working out to be on our blog!!

Rent a multi-person bike for the whole family to ride or take your bikes on a path in your city. A great way to keep the kids entertained is to play "I Spy" or another outdoor game as you ride throughout your city. Challenge your kids throughout the bike ride and let them challenge you!

Lift weights in your living room.  Showing your children the basics of lifting weights when they are of age will only help them realize the importance of fitness.  Afterall, they look up to you and copy your every move!

You are never too young to start working out! There is always time in your day to relax with your child and pet by doing a simple stretch such as this one...the dog may need to work hard to keep up with his family!

Let the kids blow off some energy by challenging dad's workout!  You can also allow your child to sit on your back during pushups for a fun ride for them and a challenge for you...just don't attempt to sit on their back!

This military dad shows his children the basics of pushups.  This is a simple workout for children and almost any age can do this workout.  Thank you for sharing your everyday workout with your children and serving our country!

Challenge yourself...all it takes is one look at this photo to get you motivated!  Try a one-armed or clap pushup after you master the basic pushup.

Run with your family.  Running is a great way to burn off some steam and get everyone in the family involved.  A game of tag or an outdoor sport that involves running is a great workout as well.

Make your backyard an obstacle course!  Have different areas set up with different workouts such as this tire flip exercise.  Let each family member pick an exercise to include in the backyard and try a different exercise each week.

Master lifting weights like these two boys.  Start with smaller weights and gradually add weights on to make your workout more challenging.

Relax and do yoga.  Having time to stretch and relax is a great workout for the whole family.  Yoga is something the whole family can do and each person will be unique.  Make up your own yoga poses for your family to try, and have a relaxing meditation session afterwards.

Make sure to send us your photos and workout in our comment box for your chance to be featured on our blog and win tickets to Summerfest!


  1. Even though we are the Reed family, our last name should be Walker..lol. We enjoy walking alot as a family. Even though we have a 4 year old that can do Taebo better than we can, we still find it so refreshing and bonding to walk to different outings or events as a family. Great and cute post!!

    1. can you please email at mallory@familytimemagazine.com to claim your tickets - thanks!

  2. Fistysjt@yahoo.comJune 6, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    We go to swallow cliff and workout at the stairs. The kids love going there and doing the stairs being outside with nature!

  3. You can send the photos to mallory@familytimemagazine.com