Friday, June 22, 2012

June's Best Buys

The first day of June represents several reasons for celebration, not the least of which is scoring great deals on summertime essentials. Before you kick off your summer shopping spree, consider the following best buys in June from The Best Time to Buy Guide on  Check out Kendal Perez's 8 Best Buys for June!

1. Gym Membership
Fitness fanatics ditch the gym during the summer to take advantage of warm weather and outdoor activities. This leaves gyms scrambling for new members, resulting in incentives like waived initiation fees and in some cases, a free month. Whatever your plans for exercise, click here for discounts on fitness essentials from Finish Line.
2. Kids' Movies
As if you needed another reason to take your kiddos to the movies this summer! Several theater companies offer discount or free movie passes for kids' favorite flicks. Check out your local participating theatres and escape the heat for less.
3. Paint
Most homeowners repaint the bedroom or touch up a fading exterior during the summer to take advantage of quick-drying warm weather. Home improvement retailers offer discounts on interior and exterior paint to entice customers away from their competitors.
4. Hardware
You can thank your dad for this one; Hardware is offered at a great price during June and December since it makes a great gift for dads and other handy men. Now's the time to get Dad that cordless drill he's been eyeballing or compare prices on that expensive table saw.
5. The Great Outdoors
Ever year, the National Parks Service offers a free day to several national parks across the country. This year, fees are waived for over 100 parks on Saturday, June 9. Keep in mind that close to 400 national parks never charge fees, so get out there and enjoy Mother Nature on the cheap!
6. Champagne
Champagne and sparkling wine are celebration staples especially during summer wedding season. Take advantage of sales and pick up a bottle of bubbly to add a flair of sophistication to your next backyard barbeque.
7. Seasonal Produce
Summer is the best time to buy fresh fruit, both locally and from your chain supermarket. Hit up farmers' markets for the freshest blueberries, cantaloupe, strawberries and watermelon.
8. Butter
Since butter production is typically at its highest in June and July, now is a good time to stock up on this baking staple. Butter can last up to six months when frozen, so consider buying butter now for holiday cooking later.

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