Monday, June 25, 2012

Math is WAY Cool

15 Reasons MATH is Way Cool
Reminders for kids and parents.
by Michele Ranard                                                                             

1.     Math exercises your brain. Arithmetic practice stimulates and exercises the prefrontal cortex in your brain (and we don’t even have to get all sweaty).

2.     Math offers relief from other subjects. No memorizing historical dates for the Civil War and…no complicated verb conjugation.

3.     Math performance doesn’t involve a stage. You don’t have to be a great public speaker or a standup comedian to excel in it.

4.     Math is not conditioning and pushups. Requires no ugly uniform or shower after class.

5.     Math still loves you if you suck at English or writing. Points are not subtracted for poor spelling, and you’ll rarely be required to write a five paragraph essay.

6.     Math improves your grooves. It makes you a better musician.

7.     Math doesn’t play favorites. Everybody can learn it since it is a universal language.

8.     Math helps your wallet. Knowing math leads to wiser financial decisions (cha-ching!).

9.     Math makes you look hot in the kitchen. Recipes always involve math measurement.

10.  Math rarely entails philosophy. No need to ponder deep questions such as what Kierkegaard meant about the need to engage in a state of despair before becoming stuck in a state of inertia…fractions anyone?

11.  Math beefs up your social status. Quickly calculating sale prices at the mall impresses your companions.

12.   Math careers pay big. Engineers and quantum physicists rake in the dough.

13.  Math has cool factor. ‘The Count’ on Sesame Street? One of the most righteous dudes in the entire cast.

14.  Math doesn’t care if you are tone deaf. Calculations are a welcome break from rehearsing “Go Tell it On the Mountain” on the recorder.

15.  Math work pays off for your whole report card. Understanding and using patterns in math leads to advanced problem solving and higher level thinking across all subjects. 

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