Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Help Your Kids with Language Arts

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Help Your Kids with Language Arts: A step-by-step visual guide to grammar, punctuation, and writing is designed to make all facets of the English language easy and interesting. Using an appealing and accessible illustrative style, this book covers everything from the basic concepts of grammar and punctuation, spelling, and communication skills to some of the more challenging ideas that face students today.

This book is what every frustrated parent needs. Its innovative visual approach combines colorful diagrams and illustrations with step-by-step instructions, making English language arts easier to understand than ever before. Help Your Kids with Language Arts sets out to explain in simple terms the rules of clear and effective speaking and writing. It is divided into four chapters that focus on the key English language arts topics

A good command of the English language and basic communication skills can lead to better grades in school and give a student a clear advantage over someone who is less skilled in language usage.

Help Your Kids with Language Arts is guaranteed to build confidence, reduce stress, and make the most difficult aspects of this subject simple, clear, and accessible.

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