Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let Them Be Eaten By Bears: A Fearless Guide to Taking Our Kids Into the Great Outdoors

Photo courtesy of Peter Brown Hoffmeister 
What parent doesn't want their kid to get outside more and enjoy the great outdoors? Peter Hoffmeister is the co-founder and director of an acclaimed integrated outdoor program - a thematic and comprehensive literature and outdoor pursuits program for high school students and LET THEM BE EATEN BY BEARS: A Fearless Guide to Taking Our Kids Into the Great Outdoors is his inspiring guide to getting kids outdoors.

Drawing from his personal and professional background as an educator, guide, writer, and father, Hoffmeister reminds readers of the adventurous pleasure of being in nature. With rising childhood obesity, ADHD, and technological addiction, this book has never been timelier.

LET THEM BE EATEN BY BEARS teaches why kids need nature in their lives, how to begin and continue going on adventures with them, and how to enjoy the process along the way. Hoffmeister shows how crucial the return to nature is in a country increasingly alarmed by health problems with an approachable, fun reintroduction to hiking, camping, and exploring, LET THEM BE EATEN BY BEARS marries the maifesto to the handbook.

Hoffmeister has ten years of experience guiding hundreds of young people on rock climbing trips, rafting trips, map and compass courses, in caves and on backpacking trips, and this book will teach others to do the same. It will help adults - from homebody parents to high school teachers to survival course instructors - feel empowered and capable. This is a book about fun verses fear in the natural world, leaving behind cell phones, getting dirty, and reading and integrating literature that will inspire kids to get outside.

About the Author:
Peter Hoffmeister is a veteran rafting, climbing, and orienteering guide, a writer for Huffinton Post, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice Magazine, Gripped Magazine, among others.

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