Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dirty Dog Paw Spritz: Safe, All Natural Paw Sanitizer to Protect Dog Lovers

People love and admire their pets as part of the family. Dogs with their unselfish behavior  and unwavering loyalty make us want to invite them into our homes giving them complete run of the household. But what exactly are they tracking into the home from outside?

People use antibacterial soap daily to prevent the spread of germs, yet rarely even think about what is being brought in by the pooch's paws. This is what Bonnie Bruderer had in mind when she created Dirty Dog Paw Spritz. It's the quick, easy and safe method for keeping our furry friend's paws clean on a daily basis.

Dogs can track in millions of germs each day from urine and feces from other dogs to trash and dirt. In the process, they are stepping in and retaining what has been left before them. They will sniff it out whether it's on the sidewalk in the neighborhood, the pit stop along the highway, or the dog park down the street. This translates to literally millions of germs on dog's paws that they are bringing back inside to the carpet, the furniture, and in most cases, to the bed where they sleep with their owners.

These bacteria can travel from pet to pet, and diseases like ringworm make the leap from pets to people an estimated two million times every year. Dirty Dog Paw Spritz is the safe, preventative measure to keep these germs, grit, and grime from traveling from pets to people.

A proud pet parent herself with a degree in Holistic Health, the biggest concern for Bruderer in developing the product was safety for dogs. "Regular anti-bacterial products with ingredients like alcohol are actually a toxin to them and can dry out their skin. All of our Dirty Dog Paw Spritz products are 100% natural, created with the finest essential oils that are safe for dogs," says Bruderer

Dirty Dog Paw Spritz is available in refreshing Cherry Lemonade scent appealing to both pooch and parent. Each 3-ounce bottle contains enough for two spritzes on four paws everyday for at least a month and retails for $10. Taking just seconds to apply, it's an easy way to protect both the owner and dog, from the outside elements. Dirty Dog Paw Spritz is proudly made in the USA and comes with 100% money back guarantee. For more information please visit

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