Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Top 5 toys and games for 2012

By Rex Robinson
    What are children going to be most excited about finding under the tree this year? Will it be a remote controlled truck or boat? Maybe it’s the hottest new Nintendo system on the market? Children are not all the same when it comes to favorite toys and games. Thus picking the “Top 5” for 2012 is not an exact science by any means (Note: We will more than likely revisit this topic again next month with more top toys and games for this holiday season so stay tuned). Anyway, here’s our November top five gifts we think many children will have on their lists for Santa this year.  

   1- RC Hot Wheels Terrain Twister. Kids are sure to love the Remote Controlled Hot Wheels Terrain Twister. It’s like a remote controlled boat, truck and tank rolled into one. Mattel claims it to be “one of the most flexible, versatile and most popular RC vehicles of all time.” It features an auger-like drive system that allows it to “float over virtually any surface in its path.” Batteries are included. The suggested price is about $100.

     2- Nintendo Wii U GamePad. Set for release November 18, the new Wii U Gamepad is a controller with a touch screen that, according to Nintendo, “redefines how people interact with their games, their entertainment and one another.” The suggested retail price for the basic set is about $300, while the deluxe set is about $350. These devices are likely to be flying off the shelves.

     3- Lego Friends - Olivia’s House. Lego is not just for the boys anymore. The company this year launched the “Friends” collection for girls. Olivia is one of cadre of new girl characters created by toy maker. It’s about time… Boys aren’t the only ones who like to build things. The suggested retail price on Olivia’s House is about $70. This one is sure to be a hit with the young ladies of the house.

     4- Fijit Friends Yippits. Girls who loved Fijit Friends will love the innovative nurturing play of Fijit Friends Yippits. Go to any Google and type in top games for 2012 and you’re sure to find this one on nearly every website. These dancing pets perform tricks and feature three different modes of play – Dancing, Training and Game. They come with multiple songs and movable feet. Yippits utilizes Sonic Chirp technology, a special embedded audio coding that when detected triggers various programmed reactions.  The suggested retail price is about $38.

     5- WWE Brawlin’ Buddies. Go to any of these World Wrestling Entertainment events and you’re sure to find lots of fathers and young sons. Translation: This WWE stuff is huge with boys (and maybe some girls too?). Anyway, for 2012 Mattel has introduced the WWE Brawlin’ Buddies. According to the toymaker, “these 16-inch figures are soft enough to squeeze but bold enough to throw down.” Each figure features signature superstar phrases recorded by the WWE superstars themselves. The figures are designed for children 3 and the suggested retail price is about $30.

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