Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fourth Challenge for Cirque Shanghai Tickets

We are making it through the homestretch! You guys can do this, believe me you have earned some pats on the back from us at Family Time Magazine! Tomorrow we will reveal our winner for 4 passes to see Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier! Here is your fourth challenge!

1. Watch this sneak peak of Cirque Shanghai.
2. "Like" our Fourth Day Challenge on Facebook and post your favorite Family Time Magazine article from this year and why (also on our Facebook post).  There are listings of features on our website under the Articles tab if you can't remember names.
3. Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. Not sure how to "post" so hear's my 2 cents for this task!

    I like the article "5 Things All Children Need" by Dr. Valerie Allen from January 2012 ( life gets so busy that as much as I know about the needs of my children it's nice to read about them every now & then to remind me to focus more on these types of things. Thanks for having these types of articles in your magazine!