Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kids' "Handy" Christmas Gift

I was looking through my sons' school crafts the other day...sorting and stowing them away...and I realized that some of my favorites incorporated their handprints. Now that they're older, it's fun looking back over the gifts they made using their own hands...literally. I had forgotten how much their little hands had grown!

Looking at these handprint gifts got me to thinking about a fun, easy (and practical) gift idea your kids might like to make (with a little help from you) for their grandparents, aunts and uncles, or godparents, etc.--Handprint Coasters! 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Self-Adhesive Foam Sheets (Get these at any craft store.)
  • A pencil/pen/marker
  • Scissors
  • Felt or Material Scraps
  1. Trace your child's hand on a self-adhesive foam sheet for as many coasters as you'd like to make. (Note: If your child only has the patience for one trace of the hand, trace their hand on a piece of cardboard or card stock that you'll be able to retrace on the foam sheet several times.)
  2. Cut the handprints into rectangular pieces for now--just a little larger than the actual handprint itself.
  3. Next, remove the backing from the rectangular shaped foam, and place it onto a piece of scrap material or felt. (Note: You may use the same colors or contrasting felts or fabrics for each handprint, as desired.)
  4. Now, cut around the handprint...following the traced lines.
  5. Last, group the child(ren)'s handprints into groups of four or six to make sets, and have your child(ren) write their name and age on the back of the coasters.
There are so many craft possibilities for using children's handprints. Do you have one that's your favorite? If so, please share it with us! (Pictures would be cool too!)

-Lisa Bakewell

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